Transaction Exchange—Advanced Clinical Editing

Advanced Clinical Editing

Enriched EDI stream. Clean claims. Improved cash flow.

Integrating a sophisticated claims editing service into your practice may have been out of reach. Until now. Ingenix Advanced Clinical Editing, sourced from the Ingenix ClaimsManager™ knowledgebase, is a powerful and proven tool that enables Ingenix Transaction Exchange clients to review claims before submission to payers in order to reduce claim denial rates, shorten accounts receivable cycles, and increase the rate of collection.

Ingenix Advanced Clinical Editing is integrated within your existing claims submission and claims management Transaction Exchange workflow process. Ingenix Advanced Clinical Editing reviews medical claim coding errors so you can catch and correct them—before submission. Advanced Clinical Editing can help you:

  • Decrease rejections and denials by pre-screening for billing and coding errors
  • Identify partially billed or missed charges
  • Maintain compliance with new and changing regulations
  • Reduce administrative expenses and speed revenue stream

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