Transaction Exchange—ERA Manager

Ingenix ERA Manager is a web-based EDI application that allows health care providers to receive Electronic Remittance Advice (ERAs) from most governmental and commercial insurance carriers.

ERA Manager makes the process of receiving all payer remittance from participating payers quick and easy.

Save Time and Money with Automation
Ingenix ERA Manager can save your practice up to $1.04 per electronic claim payment in direct labor costs and increased accuracy. To manually post payments takes an average of 5.19 minutes per claim whereas posting an electronic payment (including verification) takes an average of 43 seconds per claim payment. ERA Manager can save you both time and money by automating the process.1


  • Saves time by eliminating hours spent manually posting payments
  • Speeds payments from insurance by enabling electronic deposit of payments
  • Provides convenience of a single, full-feature application for all participating insurance payers

Automated and Organized Electronic Remittance Advice
Due to patient deductibles and contracted reimbursement amounts, insurance companies rarely pay the amount you bill. An ERA (Electronic Remittance Advice) file provides detailed information on how your claims were paid, reasons for adjustments, and explanations for denials. Reconciling this information in your accounting system manually can be time consuming and leaves room for error. If your practice management software is capable of processing the HIPAA-standard X12 835 file format for electronic remittance, you can now fully automate the payment posting process with most insurance carriers.

Instant Online Access to Explanation of Benefits
Electronic Explanation Of Benefits/Explanation Of Payments (EOBs/EOPs) replace paper EOBs/EOPs that typically accompany your paper payments. ERA Manager’s Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) feature deposits funds electronically—so you receive payments more quickly. In addition, ERA Manager will automatically archive your EOBs/EOPs. With ERA Manager, your authorized personnel can instantly access, view, save, and print EOBs online for all automatically posted ERA data. Documents can be quickly retrieved by a variety of indexes.

1 ERA case study, Colorado Otolaryngology Associates, PC, August 2004

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