Transaction Exchange—Patient Payments Manager

Ingenix Patient Payments Manager provides you with powerful administrative tools to improve collection, speed recovery of amounts owed, and reduce patient billing costs.

Quickly produce professional, easy-to-understand patient statements and collect payments from patients online with ease.

Provider Revenue Sources
Sources of health care provider revenues are shifting. Historically, insurance payments accounted for the majority of physician income. With new legislation recently passed in the U.S., there are now substantial benefits for consumers to invest in Health Savings Accounts (HSAs). As a result, more patients are choosing higher deductible health plans. For health care providers, this translates into less revenue from insurance companies and more payments from patients.


  • Quickly produce professional patient statements
  • Improve collections from patients and increase patient satisfaction
  • Reduce patient billing costs by providing patients with the ability to pay online
  • Manage payment plans and simplify accounting of patient balances

Patient Statements and Patient Payments Workflow
Patient statements and payments are vital to the revenue stream for most medical practices. Ingenix offers the latest in ebilling technologies: a combination of patient-friendly electronic statements and electronic payment capabilities. Automating these key business functions can help accelerate your revenue cycle and improve efficiency.

Electronic Patient Statements
With electronic patient statements, statements go out on time, every time, easily. Simply generate an electronic file, transmit it to us, and then monitor incoming payments. Implementing this system costs less than what is typically spent on postage and materials.

Online Patient Payments
Our Patient Payments solution gives your patients the ability to conveniently pay their bill online and save a stamp. With this solution, you can collect check, debit, and credit card payments from patients at any office location with a PC and Internet connection. This enterprise-wide method of managing the collection of all outstanding patient balances—from co-payments to post-adjudicated balances owed—helps you to easily manage payment plans with patients and provides the tools to pre-authorize payments with patients in cases where the deductible has not yet been met. Finally, Patient Payments allows you to auto post payment detail into your accounting system, eliminating the time-consuming task of manual entry.

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