Transaction Exchange—Premium Transaction Suite

Perfect for physician settings, the Premium Transaction Suite is a low-cost solution that instantly connects you to an extensive group of commercial and governmental payers. Access a wealth of real-time patient and claims information to improve efficiency and easily track claims.

Ingenix Premium Transaction Suite gives you reliable real-time access to the critical information you need, freeing you to focus on your primary mission: delivering quality health care.

Streamline Daily Operations with EDI
Ingenix Premium Transaction Suite enhances your office’s ability to electronically submit HIPAA-compliant claims via the Ingenix Claims Exchange to more than 1,700 insurance companies nationwide while gaining access to powerful automation tools that can transform your office into a state-of-the-art practice. The Premium Transaction Suite includes claim tracking and real-time transactions that allow providers to determine patient benefits and claim status within seconds.


  • One simple solution for virtually all payer claims submissions
  • Early identification of errors and extensive web-based tracking of all claims from time of submission
  • Instant access to real-time data for complete patient eligibility coverage
  • Instant access to payment information through real-time claim status
  • Ability to send secondary claims electronically

Premium Transaction Suite Includes:

  • Electronic claims
  • Online eligibility
  • Online referrals and authorizations
  • Real-time claim status
  • Electronic claim tracking
  • Secondary claim processing

Online Eligibility
Online Eligibility is a fast and reliable validation of patient eligibility information that is retrieved within seconds of your query. Not only will you learn if a patient is eligible, but you may be able to see additional information such as primary care provider, co-pay, and deductible information.

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